As part of our commitment to gaining Community Charter Standard we are once again looking to run a girls football team.
We propose to run an U7 or U8 section to start with and so we need players as soon as possible... contact details are below.

There is a start date of Saturday 19th July but we can look at a more suitable day and time once we have some players signed up so don't let that put you off!!

Come along and give it a go.


Sutton Fun Day parade... more photo's on  Facebook

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What a GREAT day out we had at Burnley.

We had 3 coaches take over 170 people to the Burnley v Leeds game.

Our Junior players enjoyed various activities including some coaching sessions in the Elite Training Centre. SJFC Burnley-110The players all seemed to enjoy the sessions and took part in a number of exercieses and small sided games.

On the pitch we had members taking part in a pre-match pitch parade, some were flag bearers as the players came onto the pitch, we had some do a half time pitch parade and our younger players got to play a mini match on the Turf Moor pitch at half time.

We have a selection of photo's on our FACEBOOK page so go take a look.

As you may be aware we are asking our open age managers to stand down at the end of the season. There are a couple of reasons for this. In our club contitution it states that if a challenge is made for a managers role then the candidates will go up for a vote by current paid up members. We have recently had a few names put in the hat for various managers jobs so this has triggered the option to open up the position for new managers.
The club are also trying to gain a higher level of Charter Standard which would require us to re-align the managers role to a specific job description and we see this as the correct time to do that to avoid us having to do it again mid season.

We are now asking current managers and players if they wish to apply for the role of Open Age Team Manager as specified in the Managers Job Description document, available from the link below or by emailing

Applications need to be returned by 20th April 2014
Any questions about the reasons and process please contact a member of the Core Committee named below.
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