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To Quote the FA:

Codes of Conduct aren't new and are already in use by some clubs (it is mandatory for Charter Standard clubs). Some are successful, some are forgotten and are not acted upon.

How? By supporting and strengthening the Codes of Conduct with possible consequences. There is little point in having a set of rules if no action is taken if and when they're broken.

Respect works on placing responsibility for their actions on individuals: break your Code, and bear the consequences.
Codes of Conduct - your member clubs' responsibilities:
Each Respect Code of Conduct explains that action can be taken for breaking a Code, so these are understood from the outset.

Your member clubs have two main responsibilities around the Codes:

1.      To ensure everyone within the club, whatever their role, has read, agreed and accepted their relevant Code - and understood the actions which could be taken if Codes are broken.
2.      To deal fairly and consistently with anyone who breaks 'their' Code.


The Charter Standard Clubs in your league should already have their own club Codes of Conduct, so we would recommend that Charter Standard Clubs look at the Respect Codes and see if there is anything missing from these. They may want to replace the previous codes with the new Respect ones, or they may want to add some of the lines from the Respect Codes to these.

It is not advisable to use both sets of Codes as this could be confusing.

The important difference is ensuring your member clubs - and through them their own members - understand and appreciate what can happen if Codes are broken. That way, there should be no subsequent debate because they didn't understand the consequences of breaking a Code.

If a club hasn't used Codes of Conduct before - or has Codes without consequences - this needs discussion, so they understand how the Codes work and what their responsibilities are.  Guidelines for helping young players understand how Codes of Conduct work can be found by clicking here.


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